Orthodontics is that branch of dentistry well known for the use of braces to straighten crooked teeth. However, Orthodontics has much more to offer than just that.

It actually is the art and science of studying the dental and facial aspects of a person at various ages and carrying out necessary treatment via specifically designed appliances for desired changes in jaw bone position and shape and to guide the jaw growth in the desired direction (Myofunctional Orthodontics ), monitoring the eruption pattern of permanent teeth and strategically planning extraction of milk teeth(Interceptive Orthodontics) or providing treatment options to patients after they have passed their growing age(Adult Orthodontics-Lingual Orthodontics and Ceramic braces)

In special cases where jaw discrepancies are due to the existing jaw sizes, corrective jaw surgeries (Orthopedic surgeries) could be required in conjunction with braces or other restorative procedures. Such surgeries show a dramatic change in the appearance of the patient.

The use of custom made, snap on, removable almost invisible aligners-is the most recent technology advancement used for straightening crooked teeth. This branch also looks at providing special protective appliances for contact sports (Ortho guards)

The early you diagnose – the early you treat – early will be the results – the better will be the prognosis………….

Orthodontic services are needed mostly if you have any of the underlying problems with your teeth —

Crowding of teeth

Crowding of teeth is a condition of mal-aligned teeth which occurs because of smaller dental arch in relation to the teeth size or visa versa. Cleaning around crowded teeth always remain a problem and results in gums diseases and bone recession. Lip biting and cheek biting also occurs frequently. These teeth also are prone to injuries.

Over bite of teeth

Overbite or upper protruding teeth is a condition of mal-aligned teeth which occurs because of protrusion of upper teeth beyond contact with their lower counterparts. This happens when the upper jaw bone grows at a faster rate as comparison with lower one. As a result these upper protruded teeth are very much prone to injuries.

Open bite of teeth

Open bite is a condition of mal-aligned teeth which occurs when you’re upper and lower incisors don’t touch each other when you bite down. As a result when you chew food — chewing pressure will go on the back teeth only when you will be biting. Excessive pressure that comes on the posterior teeth causes their erosion and attrition.

Under bite or Lower Protruding Jaw

Under bite is a condition of mal-aligned teeth which occurs in about 3 – 5 % of the total population, happens when lower jaw is a bit longer than the upper one. As a result lower front teeth protrude ahead of the upper front teeth creating a cross bite. We have to carefully monitor the jaw bone growth and tooth development pattern and eruption pattern for this kind of patient.

Cross bite of teeth.

Cross bite is a condition of mal-aligned teeth which occurs when the upper front teeth when closed – comes on the back side of the front lower teeth. This condition happens both in front teeth as well as in the back teeth. This causes serious biting, chewing and speech difficulties is not treated in time.

Spacing of teeth.

Spacing in between teeth is a condition of mal-aligned teeth which occurs if some teeth are missing or they are small in size in relation to the jaw bone or the dental arch is a bit wider than normal one.